Questions People Ask About Dry Carpet Cleaning

If you are having your carpets cleaned for the first time and you have chosen to try the "dry" method, you may still have some questions about what to expect when the professional cleaner from a company like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning shows up at your house. So to help put your mind at ease, here are the answers to some questions many people ask about this method of carpet cleaning.

How Does the Dry Carpet Cleaning System Work? -- There are two basic ways to clean your carpet: steam cleaning, also known as hot water injection, and dry powder cleaning. The dry system utilises a dry powder solution that is mixed with a very small amount of moisture that creates microscopic bubbles that penetrate deep into the fibres of your carpet and draw dirt and debris to the surface. The carpet cleaning professional will then use a floor buffer that features an absorbing pad that picks up all the dirt and debris loosened by the carbonated cleaning solution. Unlike with steam cleaning, which involves a great amount of hot water, this method uses far less water, which means that your carpet isn't left soaking when the cleaning process is completed.

How Long Does It Take For Carpet To Dry? -- Because "dry" carpet cleaning uses so much less water, many carpets are dry within a couple of hours, though complete drying time is dependent on factors such as humidity, but you can speed up the process by turning on any ceiling fans, standing fans and the air conditioning in your home. One of the advantages of "dry" carpet cleaning versus steam cleaning is that the drying time for the hot water process can take as many as two days, and while your carpet is drying, it is susceptible to developing mold. And if you step on your carpet while it is still wet, you run the risk of grinding in new dirt that will dry and show up as a stain.

What Type of Solvents Are Used in the  "Dry" Process? -- Unlike steam cleaning, this is a process that uses organic cleaning solutions that don't have any phosphates, detergents, perfumes or other chemicals. That means that when you use "dry" carpet cleaning method, your carpets won't retain any harmful chemicals that can radiate into the air long after the cleaning is finished. That can be very important not just for the health of your family, but also for any pets you might have in your home.